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The mission of the PEBC
is to be a vehicle for understanding and appreciating the natural
wonders in our own backyards.

PEBC Wish List


The season for house and garage cleaning is upon us and the Prairie Ecology Bus Center could use your help!  Do you have items in your household or garage that you no longer need?  Are they just collecting dust in a back corner?  Are they in good working condition?  If so, the PEBC would like to give them a new home!  The PEBC could use a number of items that will be of great help with programs, office maintenance and Ecology Bus care. 

The PEBC is a non-profit organization that relies on the generosity of donors to help its programs grow.  If you have an item(s) on the list below that you would like to donate for a wonderful cause, please contact Chrystal at the PEBC.


PEBC Wish List:


  • Storage baskets, all sizes, stackable ones are helpful
  • Scissors (larger ones, not children’s size – 2-3 dozen)
  • Color pencils
  • Vinyl table clothes (to use with art projects)
  • 3 drawer cabinets for kitchen ware
  • Pencil sharpener, electric


  • Plant starter trays
  • Hand pruners (woody and soft stem, 6 or more would be nice)
  • Garden flag holders (will use with Children’s Garden Club for kids to make their own garden flags)
  • Sheppard’s hooks
  • Heavy duty wheelbarrows

Education Animals:

  • Repti Bark (Large bags – 24 quarts)
  • Tetra Whisper 2-10 Internal Power Filter (for aquatic tanks)
  • Warming rock for snake
  • Exoterra Repti-Glo 5 bulbs, 36”, 30- watt

Craft/Art Supplies:

  • Puff paint (we have plenty black but low on colors)
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Magnet roll (with adhesive back preferred)
  • Heavy duty magnets
  • Small clipboards (20-24 qty)
  • Red food coloring


    • Shelving for storage of program materials – able to hold heavy objects (i.e. microscopes, books, etc.)
    • Needle nose pliers (3-4)
    • Wire cutters  (3-4)
    • Heavy mallet for pounding stakes
    • Portable table saw
    • Air Compressor
    • Ice Chipper
    • Extension Ladder
    • Ladder (6-foot+)
    • Hand Cart, heavy duty to move program totes/bins
    • Crock Pots (1-2, large size with pull-out insert for easy cleaning)
    • Other Assorted Tools: Wrench set, Socket Set, Screw Driver (varied sizes, Phillips/flathead), Claw Hammers (2-3), Tape measures, Square (a large and a small), Adjustable crescent wrench, Level (2-3 foot length), Crosscut saw, Putty knives (2-3), metal files (assorted), Pliers, Hex Keys set,
    • Free standing tool cart (on rollers would be helpful)
    • Electric drills (2) – not battery operated
    • Heavy duty 3-prong Extension Cords

    Click here to print list

wish list